Getting Great Value for a Lower Cost

If you search on Amazon or eBay for products, a lower price will automatically be suggested for you at the top of the screen, provided that one can be found. If no lower price is found, nothing will be shown on the screen.

SaveVid Price Comparisons in Any Browser

Firewalls are useful extensions that can take effect with an extremely wide range of programs. These small software packages form part of your device’s low-level network settings are genuinely useful to your everyday activities, being full of useful features that provide a meaningful boost to the software you use on your computer. SaveVid runs in all browsers and is packed with complex technology. Thanks to its innovative programming which runs securely in the background. Users benefit from a price comparison tool for products and offers as well as the familiar features you would expect from a file conversion program.

The tool is already well known as a video and MP3 converter with a very successful market presence. It is not currently possible to isolate the linked features technically but our engineers are already working on an urgent resolution. Until then, the only option will be to switch off the converter. However, the developers are confident that the new features will be ready to implement with the next version. The latest version of the price comparison software can be found on

The completely free, advertising-free program is completely legal and appears as a short list in the browser window where the target page is also shown. After installation, the download completes fully automatically and the useful tool begins working on the user’s behalf in the background. Qweb works browser-independently and is available with its full range of functionality to find the lowest price. If the user then searches for a product using Amazon or eBay, Qweb’s Silent Price Finder searches in the background for a lower price on the exact same product.

If, however, the Silent Agent doesn’t find a lower price, nothing will be shown to the user. In fact, SaveVid never disturbs users – instead, it values ease of use over notifying the user and only runs in a discreet, narrow browser bar. If the price found on eBay or Amazon is already the lowest available (or if it matches the lowest price) and is not undercut by another seller, this useful software simply remains silent.

However, this innovative web tool can do much more as the extensive description on the website explains. If the user unfortunately stumbles across made-up fantasy pricing or unrealistic discounts, the Qweb software won’t let itself be fooled. If the discounted price in the supplier database is unrealistic or if the discount is not genuine, the manufacturer automatically filters out these search results. As such, users are never disturbed by unnecessary data or details – instead, they can relax and focus on their actual product search.

As one of the very first suppliers to bring a solution to the market, the developers of Qweb and the Silent Price Finder introduced “exact matching.” While many other online price finders only use the product name and price as selection criteria, Qweb’s programmers decided to take matters to the next level in this respect. Instead, a number of additional product characteristics including the EAN, UPC, GTIN or ISBN number are available to find the lowest price for a product.

For Further Explanation

Due to the plethora of different product criteria, Qweb is able to offer reliable price and product identifications. Qweb runs unobtrusively and reliably in the background for the user, finding better pricing opportunities as it runs. With near-100% reliability, it shows options for saving money and directs users to other shopping opportunities with better terms and a neutral price comparison.

The EAN is the European Article Number, the unique product ID number, consisting of thirteen characters.

The UPC Number is the Universal Product Code, which is used in the USA instead of the EAN. The UPC consists of twelve numbers.

The GTIN is the combined EAN and UPC product identification number for global trade and is also used to pre-register goods with the customs authorities.

ISBN is the International Standard Book Number and provides a clear and unambiguous way to identify books and other publications with editorial content.