The features of SaveVid in detail

YouTube to MP3 or MP4 Converter

With the SaveVid-Converter you can quickly and legally convert YouTube-Videos into the desired audio (MP3) or video format (MP4). This allows you to take your favorite music or videos from your favorite channels and access the files offline or on the go. When you have opened the relevant video, a bar will appear over the video in your browser where you can select the target format. Subsequently the download will begin and the file will be saved to your computer.

The advantages of the YouTube converters at a glance

Search engine redirection

With the search engine redirection you can combine all search engine queries into one search engine. This simplifies finding the best results for your search query and at the same time prevents you from having to use different search engines. Your selection is also taken on by Cortana, the language service from Microsoft. To employ the redirection you must change the SaveVid settings after installation – browsing on the web is a lot easier.

Silent Price Compare

In the countless online shops on the internet almost every product can be funded at different prices. SaveVid helps you in the search for the best offers through the silent price finder. If, for example, you are searching for a product on eBay or Amazon, you will get a notification on the upper edge of your screen when a better offer was found. If there is no better offer, no notification is displayed.