End User License Agreement (EULA)

License Agreement for SaveVid

The following terms set out the license agreement for the SaveVid.de website. Before using our software and its components, you should read this agreement thoroughly. The agreement applies to the SaveVid.de software from Aller Media e.K, hereafter referred to as “SaveVid.” Use should be made of the software only when you have read this agreement and accepted its terms. By installation, using, or distributing “SaveVid” and/or its components, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the terms of the following license agreement.

§1 License

The supplier, Aller Media e.K., hereby grants to you a free of charge, perpetual license in the SaveVid.de software. The software consists of the following components, which are offered by the Party referred to above:

QT (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/opensourcelicense.html)
Nexe (https://github.com/nexe/nexe/blob/dev/LICENSE)
Node JS (https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/LICENSE)
YouTube DL (https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/blob/master/LICENSE)
Nginx (http://nginx.org/LICENSE)

§2 Permitted use of the software

Aller Media e.K grants the license referred to above for the personal and/or commercial use of SaveVid. To the extent that the code remains unchanged, you may also create and circulate copies of the software. This license shall be valid until such time it is withdrawn and to the extent that this license is agreement is not amended by Aller Media e.K. You may install and use the software on as many devices as you wish.

2.1. Commercial use
The use of SaveVid is permitted in a commercial context, both for internal and external business purposes. The software may also be used by subsidiaries and/or at remote locations. Aller Media e.K. expressly excludes any and all liability for any commercial loss or damage caused or jointly caused by SaveVid and/or its supplied components. You are solely liable for any infringement committed in conjunction with your use of the software or that of any of your affiliated companies.

§3 Personal use

Unrestricted personal (i.e., non-commercial) use of the software is permitted.

§4 Copies

You are entitled to make an unlimited number of copies of the Qweb software, provided that you do not make any changes to the code in doing so.

§5 Permitted devices

SaveVid may be used on any compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs or other devices with installed internet access, with no restriction on the number of devices that may be used.

Any use other than that described and permitted under Section 2 of this License Agreement is expressly prohibited. Any infringing use may amount to a breach of applicable laws, which may result in criminal and/or civil penalties.

§6 Updates and upgrades

as supplier of the SaveVid software, Aller Media e.K, shall be entitled at any time, with or without your consent as a user, to withdraw the software from the market, and/or make updates of upgrades available. Moreover, it may become necessary to install and activate particular updates or upgrades, failing which the software and/or its associated components may become unusable in future. For the purposes of this agreement, upgrades and updates shall be deemed to form part of the software. Such updates and/or upgrades may extend and/or update software, contain additional features, or replace some functionality in whole or in part. The supplier shall decide in its sole discretion on the functionality and characteristics of the software, the functionality offered, and the nature of any updates to the solution. The user shall not be required to install updates and upgrades; however, the installation of such updates and upgrades shall be necessary to ensure the full functionality of the software. Accordingly, Aller Media e.K. also reserves the right to decline to support the solution until such time as all update have been installed and accepted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the supplier shall not be under any obligation to provide any updates and/or upgrades at particular times, and the supplier may, in its sole discretion, decide when and whether to publish and offer any upgrades and/or updates.

§7 Intellectual property rights

The SaveVid and all its components, together with any future updates and upgrades, shall be deemed to be the exclusive intellectual property of Aller Media e.K. Accordingly, the currently applicable copyright law of the country in which SaveVid shall apply, and the code, structure and configuration of the software shall be treated as trade secrets of the supplier. All user suggestions, comments, or other statements that you make or may make and that may be used to improve or expand the product may be stored by Aller Media e.K. and used to develop the product or other products of the company. These may be used without any royalties being payable to the person making such comments and without such person’s express consent to the further processing and storage of such comments.

By installing and using SaveVid, you shall not receive any further rights in the solution, its upgrades, updates, or components, other than those expressly set out in this license agreement. Aller Media e.K. retains exclusive and unrestricted lights in the described solution and any associated patents, copyrights, names, confidential information, or other rights.

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§8 Restrictions

There are no restriction on the number of times you may copy and distribute SaveVid.com, provided that you do not change the code of the software in doing so. The use of the software on an unlimited number of devices is also permitted. However, you are not entitled to disclose your personal user details, consisting of a username and password, to any third party, except where expressly permitted under applicable law in the relevant country of use.

Moreover, you are not entitled to disassemble, reverse engineer, transform, decompile, or extract the software into its individual components. Any change or modification to the software, and any distribution of such variations, is expressly prohibited. Moreover, the sale of SaveVid.com to other users is not permitted. The supplier expressly prohibits the development and distribution of a competing service based on SaveVid.com. The use of the solution in breach of the actual terms of use is prohibited. The collection of data and/or information pertaining to third parties as a result of the use of SaveVid.com, and/or the infringement of third-party intellectual property rights or other third-party rights is prohibited. Content that is illegal, infringing, abusive, or defamatory or which in any way restricts or inhibits the functionality of the software is prohibited and will be pursued legally. Moreover, obtaining or attempting to obtain any unauthorized access to the system via hacking, bypassing firewalls, or other technical measures in order to acquire any of the publisher’s content that is protected by intellectual property rights, is prohibited. Any attempt to bypass any control mechanism in the software also amounts to a breach of this license agreement.

When you use SaveVid.com, a proxy is automatically installed. This generates a root certificate on a client and website code is inserted. An overview of the websites on which code is inserted can be found at https://api.qweb.de/whitelist.pac. You may read the file by using a text editor. The content of the site is changed in order to enable the use of a variety of features offered by SaveVid.com.

Some features of SaveVid.com allow you to act as an administrator, and accordingly, you hereby agree only to use make use of administrator permissions where you are entitled to do so in respect of the relevant software and devices, and further agree not to make any other use of such permissions. Moreover, you warrant and represent that you are authorized to accept this agreement and that you act for and on behalf of all other users.

Some functions of the SaveVid.com software may also give you the ability to publish your own content. Under current law, and except as otherwise set out in this agreement, you shall retain all intellectual property rights in any content shared or published by you.

By publishing your own content, you grant to the supplier an unlimited, irrevocable, perpetual, free-of-charge, world wile, non-exclusive and unconditional license in such content. You hereby grant to Aller Media e.K. a license to use, copy, store, charge for distribution, or to make any other use of such content as if it were the intellectual property of Aller Media e.K. By publishing your own content, you warrant and represent that you are of legal age in the country in which you use the software or that you act as guardian of another person. In the event that you lack capacity due to age, all publications must be agreed with and approved by your guardian.

§9 Exclusion of liability

The SaveVid.com software is a free-of-charge solution. At no time does the supplier warrant the full functionality of the software, as disruptions may occur at any time. However, the supplier does warrant that it shall at all times use its reasonable endeavors to restore the full functionality of SaveVid.com as soon as possible, notwithstanding which, the supplier shall not be liable for any warranty claim. In the event that you experience any problems in using the software, please approach the supplier, whose contact details are set out on the website.

The supplier, Aller Media e.K., does not assume any liability for the performance of the SaveVid.com software or for any results that may be obtained as a result of working with the software. No support or other services are provided by Aller Media e.K. in conjunction with the SaveVid.com software and/or its components. Your use of the software is free of charge and on an “as-is” basis.

Moreover, the Supplier does not assume any liability for any loss or damage (including loss of data) in conjunction with the use of SaveVid.com. No warranty is given that your data will be stored securely. In the event that the software is not used as intended, damage may occur to end user devices in exceptional circumstances, for which the supplier also accepts no liability. Moreover, you hereby give your consent to any changes that the application may make to your device.

§10 Processing of Personal Data and Data Protection

The software automatically communicates with the supplier’s cloud and transfers data to such cloud in order to enable the uninterrupted use of the software and for the continuous development of the software. As such, as a user, you consent to such use by your acceptance of these terms.

Moreover, the supplier processes particular personal data in conjunction with the solution and the use of the software. More information can be obtained via the “Data Protection” sub-site.

§11 Termination

This agreement shall be terminated in the event that the user breaches any of the provisions of this agreement. As a consequence, any further use of the Qweb.de software and its components shall then be prohibited. Moreover, the supplier reserves its right to pursues additional legal remedies in the event of any breach of the license agreement as set out herein. The provisions of this agreement shall, moreover, survive the use of the software. Should any of the provisions set out herein be invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

§12 Applicable law

This license agreement has been drafted on the basis of the laws applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany and complies with such laws. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

§13 miscellaneous provisions

1. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the offering, provision and use of the SaveVid.com.de software. This license agreement replaces all previous agreements, written and oral, between the supplier and the user. Any changes relating to the subject matter of this agreement shall only be valid if recorded in writing.

2. The supplier may at any time send notifications in respect of the software and its use by e-mail, by way of a dialog window, or by any other communications channel, that must then be acknowledged in order to make use of the software.

3. This agreement is governed by German law. Should any clauses be invalid, the remaining clauses shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

4. The supplier may amend or replace any product name at any time.

5. Contact information: The supplier may be reached via the following contact details:



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