Unlimited Downloadspeed

UNLIMITED number of downloads
UNLIMITED file size

Convert Videos to
Multiple Audio Formats

Configurable Audio Quality (bitrate)

Save Multiple
Video Formats

SaveVid isn’t limited to audio downloads,
it could also save videos in all forms

All Features Included

Integration of World’s Biggest Portals (not limited to Youtube)
Intelligent Video Link Recognition

Audio and Video Download Made Easy

With SaveVid, you don’t have to switch between programs (you don’t have to paste links only when in Youtube). When you visit YouTube, a blue bar will appear which gives you the choice to save a file in the form of audio or a video. The bar could be disabled if you prefer to paste links instead.

When you open the SaveVid, you could configure a lot of settings such as audio or video quality and your download path. The developers of SaveVid never stops making the settings as easy for you. If you’re missing a setting, just check again some other time. It might have been added already.

Use the support link to request features and report bugs.

Videos with SaveVid

Aside from the audio download, you also have the choice to save a video in different formats. It works just as same with the audio files. Just use the blue bar and click on save as MP4 or the format of your choice. The SaveVid video converter software will open and saves the file directly. At the moment the blue SaveVid bar is only supported for YouTube but still developing for more options in the future.

We do support a lot of other websites like newspaper sites, media libraries and streaming portals. Due to its advanced intelligent video extractor, a page that follows a common structure like Youtube is going to work with SaveVid even if it wasn’t implemented in the software.

SaveVid Downloaded Files

A downloaded video or audio file from YouTube or any other wesites works on every device. This includes mobile devices, netbooks and tablets. Just copy the files from you predefined path to the device of your choice as we normally do.

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